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 About Roshni Gandhi

About Roshni Gandhi

Roshni Gandhi is an entrepreneur first, and business and tax attorney second, who all too well understands the day-to-day problems faced by business owners in various industries. Roshni has been featured in Los Angeles Business Journal, Bar Brief, and was featured on panels in front of multiple associations, including the Beverly Hills Bar Association. Roshni is also the recipient of the Lawrence J. Blake Award and Los Angeles Sheriff Department Award. Roshni serves as general counsel to several companies ranging in the health, wellness, beauty, luxury goods, fashion, wellness, and hospitality industry. Roshni’s true passion resides is working with entrepreneurs and start ups. This is an exciting time that can shape the future of a business, and Roshni strives to help business owners run a seamless and streamlined business that leads entrepreneurs to their ultimate goal- freedom and peace of mind! Roshni interfaces with clients to strategically plan for growth, maximum asset protection, and closing important deals for talent and business to business. Roshni thrives in negotiating high-stake deals where everything is on the line.


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